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How can I fight an unfair medical bill?

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  I went to an in-network rheumatologist last year and was told to get blood work by the doctor.  As I was leaving the office, waiting for my paperwork, the office staff looked at my information and told me that my insurance would cover having my blood work done in the office.  Thinking that this was a great thing, I had my blood work done then.  Now I have a bill for $129 (of which my insurance has sent me $32) for this out-of-network lab.  

While $129 isn't a huge fee for medical services, I feel that any fee for work that I could have had done for free is too much.  Additionally, my doctor's office staff - trained in insurance/medical billing procedures - misinformed me and persuaded me to use their office for the testing.  My insurance basically said - "We cut you the check, now it's your problem."  The lab is based in California (I'm in NJ) and whenever I call I get an answering machine.  

What do I do?  What can I do?  

Any advice would be helpful!



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